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Pure Spectrum CBD Review

Pure Spectrum CBD is a family CBD business in Colorado. Run by CEO Brady Bell, this brand puts a lot of emphasis on supporting farmers and growing their hemp in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. The CEO is aware that without the farmer, the cannabis industry doesn’t exist, so he partners with family farms that employ superior genetics, ethical processing, and sustainable growing practices.

By relying on stable genetics, mineral-rich soils without pesticides and herbicides, Pure Spectrum aims to produce excellent quality products they can stand behind. Stellar lab reports from independent third-party laboratories back their claims. Partnering with multiple sports events like the Crossfit games and many other ambassadors to raise their brand’s awareness and credibility, Pure Spectrum has built a substantial consumer base and audience.

In this wide range of products, including oils, salves, gummies, and vapes, you can find everything you could wish for with added CBD. Even made a Black label line with superior potency products for athletes and physically active people.

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Pure Spectrum CBD Summary

Pros: Well established and reputable brand, partners with significant sports events, offers third party lab tests, partners with many ambassadors, different potencies available for every product, ethical farming practices, no use of pesticides herbicides. Contains mineral-rich soils without pesticides and herbicides. Cons: not full spectrum, no organic certification, no production method certifications.

Top 5 Best Products from Pure Spectrum CBD

Pure Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Price: $24.88 – $348.88

CBD content: 250mg – 5000mg

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Terpene Profiles

Pure Spectrum CBD produces a broad spectrum CBD tincture with a wide range of potencies. Their regular line has four tinctures from 250mg CBD to 2500mg CBD. All of them are blended with MCT organic coconut oil and formulated with the addition of other terpenes and cannabinoids, but they don’t specify which ones. With a good relationship between quality and price, and a simple, clean but high-quality formula, these CBD tinctures are worth their money.

As far as dosing, the least potent 250mg CBD tincture contains 17mg of CBD in every 1ml serving. This line’s most potent tincture is a 2500mg CBD tincture, with 42mg of CBD in every 1ml serving. With all of the other options in between, we believe anyone can find the right Pure Spectrum CBD oil for their needs in this line. The tinctures are also packaged in a blue bottle. The blue color is meant to protect the integrity of the precious contents inside.


Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

Pure Spectrum CBD makes a range of topicals, including slaves, a face cream, a lotion, and a pretty big line of bath salt soaks. They have a natural, refreshing citrus CBD salve and relaxing lavender CBD salve, both of which have 500mg of cannabidiol in them for the price of $44.88. The face cream and the body lotion are more moisturizing and light than the slaves. The face cream is infused with citrus essential oils and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes, although the price of $44.88 seems a little steep for 2 fl. Oz.

The body lotion comes in an 8 oz bottle and, for $44.88 promises to give you a full-body moisturizing experience like no other. The cannabidiol content is not specified for this product.

Finally, the highlight of their topicals seems to be the soaks. This salt bath soaks (Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Ginger) bring your bath to the next level with magnesium sulfate, different essential oils, and 25mg of cannabidiol. The formulation opens your pores and allows the magnesium to penetrate your skin and relax your muscles and stiff joints, all for the small price of $9.88.

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals review

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

Pure Spectrum CBD’s isolates come in 1g to 50g packaging. With pure cannabidiol in powder form, you get a fast-acting product perfect for daily use in cooking or elsewhere. This 99% pure cannabidiol isolate is made from organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich extract so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD with the versatility of a powder that can be added to food and drinks, oils and lotions for topical use, or even taken as is. 1g of Pure Spectrum’s CBD isolate will cost you $30.88 USD, pretty in line with other products with comparable quality.

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate review

Pure Spectrum CBD Oils for Pets

Dosing CBD oil for pets can be tricky sometimes, which is why companies like Pure Spectrum CBD have come up with a line of CBD oils for pets. The oil itself is the same, but you get the perk of different products for different sizes of dogs and even a special one for cats.

This makes it easier to choose an appropriate oil and dose for your pet. The small dog and cat oils come with 150mg of CBD in 15ml, the medium breed oil contains 300mg of CBD in 30ml, and the large breed oil contains 500mg of CBD in 30ml.

Pure Spectrum CBD Oils for Pets review

Pure Spectrum CBD Extra Strength Formula

Since Pure Spectrum CBD has partnered with several athletes and sports events, it comes as no surprise they developed a Black label line of extra strength CBD products to cater to their most demanding consumers’ needs. In this line, you will find two oils, a concentrated salve and a magnesium bath soak.

The two CBD oils have the same formula as their regular line, but this time with a whopping 2500 and 5000mg CBD content. The revamped and concentrated edition of their salve with double the amount of CBD is made for anyone that pursues an active lifestyle and needs some help with recovery, but at the price of $84.88 will cost you a pretty penny.

The Black label magnesium salt soak contains magnesium chloride that is easily absorbed and 25mg of cannabidiol, and for $12.88 this sounds like a very luxurious and relaxing bath soak.

Pure Spectrum CBD Extra Strength Formula review

Where to buy Pure Spectrum CBD CBD products

You can buy Pure Spectrum CBD products directly on their website. All of the products, including the Black label line, are available there. You can also often find their products sold by other online retailers. Black label line with superior potency products for athletes and physically active people. Shop around and see if there are any coupon codes available to get a better deal.

CBD is legal to buy in all 50 states, so there is no reason to go for shady and untrustworthy options. Do your research, and when in doubt, buy directly from Pure Spectrum CBD. Although CBD is generally considered safe and effective, it is essential to keep in mind this is a relatively unregulated market, and the quality of products can vary greatly. That is why you have to rely on your knowledge and reviews like ours to make an educated choice. Here is why we think you should buy your CBD products at Pure Spectrum CBD.

Pure Spectrum CBD Benefits

  • Well known and reputable brand
  • Lab reports for every product
  • Added cannabinoids to the formula
  • Extra strength and bulk options available

How do you know you are buying a good CBD product?

To summarize, Pure Spectrum CBD is reputable and well established, their potencies are up to standard and compatible with the price, their CBD oil is extracted by CO2 extraction without harsh chemicals and solvents, the oil is sourced from organic US-grown hemp. You can see all of their lab reports from independent labs that tested their hemp and products. Other Pure Spectrum CBD reviews are also predominantly positive. All of this points to a good CBD brand that we recommend.

If you are looking for a broad line of CBD products that include oils, isolates, and topicals, Pure Spectrum CBD has it all, except for a vape pen and cartridges. Additionally, they stand out from the crowd with their extra strength Blak Label line of products that will meet even the most demanding and active consumers’ needs.


Is Pure Spectrum CBD good?

According to our evaluation and Pure Spectrum CBD review, we can confidently say Pure Spectrum CBD is a good brand. With sustainable farming practices, organic US grown hemp, and extraction with CO2, Pure Spectrum CBD is doing everything right.

Is Pure Spectrum CBD legit?

Yes, Pure Spectrum CBD is a legit brand established by CEO Brady Bell in Evergreen, Colorado.

Written by:

Jamie Taylor

Jamie has more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant. He has always been interested in the healing potential of cannabidiol, especially in its pain relief properties. Jamie considers cannabidiol as a powerful remedy with minimal side effects. He knows how to help users make rational buying decisions based on the unbiased and accurate reviews of CBD products and brands.

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