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Charlotte’s Web CBD is an ultimate answer to your health problems, including stress, depression, and many other ailments. The range of products this brand offers can help you sleep, work, and socialize much better than before. This is owing to their products’ unique qualities and natural ingredients, in the center of which is hemp, of course. In this review, we’ll cover the unique properties of Charlotte’s web products, analyze their market success, and dive deeper into technology that brings such production to existence.

About Charlotte’s Web: Company Story

Their touching brand story can be attributed to a strange confluence of luck and right time. It all started when the Stanley brothers developed a strain of hemp in an attempt to reduce the number of seizures of a 6-year-old Charlotte Figi. The girl felt much better once the CBD oil was given to her, and it’s no coincidence considering that thousands of people have also noticed many healing properties of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. The brothers have ever since fulfilled their mission to help millions recover from illnesses with their anti-epileptic, GMO-free oils.

Apart from oils, they sell edibles, high CBD potency tinctures, gummies, and food for dogs sprinkled on top. All of these items are entirely eco-friendly products with no hallucinogenic effects whatsoever. Besides, Charlotte’s Web manufactures CBD-infused products for all people in need, regardless of age.

Today, the company is based in Colorado and proudly positions itself as one of the top leaders in the market which took competitors by storm. Surprisingly for many, the main reason for their immense success hides behind the supreme quality, not a well thought out advertising strategy. What lies in the foundation of such quality? Let’s find out.

Charlotte’s Web Top Products

The company’s top picks include full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD capsules, hemp-infused gummies, and isolate of CBD. These products are especially popular among users and customers as this is the standard set an average buyer usually seeks in their product line. The manufacturers made sure you can satisfy all your needs with liquids and edibles available on the webstore.

Feeling dizzy? Try some colorful and mouth-watering gummies. Feeling bored? Create an upbeat mood adding a bit of oil to your regular meal. Even a doggie will thank you for giving yummy dog food to increase energy. As CBD is a non-intoxicating chemical compound, it can be used freely by everyone. Now, let’s discuss each Charlotte’s web products in more detail.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte's Web CBD Hemp Extract

The full spectrum extract derived from the hemp plant has once opened the gates to Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil and saved the lives of many people. All those who feel pain, emotional unease, or need recovery from exercise admit feeling instant relief from using the magic liquid. This is a result of carefully elaborated formula which guarantees safe intake without adverse effects.

The oils Charlotte’s Web offers come in different refreshing flavors: Mint Chocolate, Olive Oil, Orange Blossom, and Lemon Twist. Just choose the best scent, depending on your mood and get ready to relax.

CBD oil costs will pleasantly surprise you too. For as little as $40, you can get a 30mL bottle fully packed with 7 mg of CBD per 1mL. The most expensive, 30mL bottle, costs $300 and contains the highest concentration of CBD – staggering 60mg per 1mL.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

Charlottes Web CBD Capsules

If you want to step up your CBD routine, opt for hemp-derived capsules brought to you by the team of experienced farmers and botanists. You can always find the right pack while browsing Charlotte’s Web online store, but let us give you a short overview of the top qualities here.

Full Strength CBD capsules are rich in phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids – organic compounds designed to better your wellness and improve health. Specifically, the capsules work best for exercise recovery, stress reduction, and bringing a sense of calm for focus.

The price for full strength capsules starts from $40 and includes 8mg of CBD per capsule (30 capsules overall). For extra strength CBD capsules with 18mg of CBD per capsule, the cost rises to $70.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Gummies

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies Different Flavours

For those who have a sweet tooth, Charlotte’s Web gummies with CBD is just the right edible. They come in many tasty colors and flavors. They even have calming pet chews to soothe the nerves of your pet, which might also suffer from depression, by the way.

Speaking of benefits for humans, the gummies are multifunctional. Some edibles support quality sleep and regulate sleep cycles. Also, the company sells recovery packs that maintain exercise-induced inflammation and help bring joint strength back on track. Finally, Charlotte’s Web sells gummies designed to prevent you from overly stressful situations and sharpen concentration. There are three flavors with natural juices available: raspberry, ginger, and lemon-lime.

For the pack that contains 60 gummies, you’ll get 10mg of CBD per serving.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals

Charlotte's Web CBD Balm

Hemp-infused creams and balms are also available on Charlotte’s Web product inventory. The company’s hemp-infused cream contains vitamin 5, aloe, coconut oil and other nourishing and natural ingredients, the smell of which will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a perfect blend of nature and beauty that the topical delivers to make dry and itchy skin breathe a new life. A refreshing cream of 2.5oz tube represents the brand’s topicals collection with a screw top lid which contains 300 mg of hemp extract per oz.

The Charlotte’s Web hemp-infused balm is also deprived of synthetic fragrances and is crafted with love for those who take care of their skin regularly. It includes essential oils and is available in 0.5oz and 1.5oz tins. Besides, it contains 300 mg of hemp extract per oz for maximum effect. Among the top ingredients are shea butter and vitamin E that contribute significantly to skin moisturizing.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for dogs

Charlotte's Web CBD Chews for DogsCharlotte's Wbe CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Human’s best friends deserve separate attention, along with best CBD oils on the market. As dogs tend to experience downfalls in mood just like we do, they need supplements to keep their emotional and physical state balanced. Charlotte’s Web Hemp extract products with CBD were created – to make your puppy feel happier and stronger. You can add the oil to your pet’s meals or as a supplement to snacks. There are both unflavored and chicken-flavored oils, so you can play with them and add the one your doggy will adore.

CW Highlights

Charlotte’s Web products differ from others in view of several critical reasons. First, the brand has a time-tested history that implies a real application of CBD on a human. Second, their website is a holy grail guide for all those who want to try CBD for the first time. With the help of a Product Finder quiz, one can take a short test and see which product fits them best. This way, customers won’t mess up with goods that can potentially harm their physical health.

Each and every product from their product line has a seal of approval. This means that Charlotte’s Web CBD items are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and allow thousands of consumers and law enforcement to make sure that CBD hemp oils are safe and legal. Finally, the brand offers a 30 days satisfaction guarantee to all buyers, which leaves them certain about the quality of products they purchased and used.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Negatives

CW eventually passes the test of quality by all parameters, but still the main buyers’ concern has to do with inaccurately thought-out bottle design. This is especially true to CBD tinctures that go along with droppers. The droppers are originally created to facilitate the effort of pouring the right dosage of liquid.

In case of original Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, the dark color of the dropper only makes it harder to know how much product is left. In addition, the costs of CW products might bite your wallet in view of their filling with the richest CBD concentration and natural flavorings you can possibly get. So get ready to spend more money if you want to feel the real power of CBD.

Final Comment

You might think that marketing is playing tricks on you when you Google top CBD production and see countless reviews offering the same thing. Yes, there are many, many brands with similar goods, but the first Internet search result is not always a sign of the best quality product. While competitors go extra miles to present their goods in the most lucrative light, Charlotte’s Web brand stays candid about its permanent protection of CBD safety and quality. Hence, the company promises an unforgettable CBD product intake for novices and experienced users alike.


Charlotte’s Web Products: https://www.charlottesweb.com/

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