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People often seem to fall into despair as soon as they find out there’s no suitable CBD brand for them. But here’s the truth – the one meant specifically for you exists under the Blue Moon Hemp name. This company believes that we deserve the best, and it encourages others to think the same way.

The most experienced manufacturers on par with farmers gather to grow organic hemp plants. Then they extract non-GMO, THC-free and, more importantly, effective cannabidiol, the properties of which can cure even severe health conditions. These and many other factors helped Blue Moon Hemp become what it is today. So read up if you want more proof on why this company is worth considering for your upcoming CBD purchases.

What is Blue Moon Hemp: Company Story

The founders of the company carried one thought throughout the product development process – to foster better emotional states and relieve pain. With this motto in mind, they sought the most effective technology to create a unique formula that could save millions from physical and mental suffering. As soon as they found the right biochemical equilibrium in the hemp plants, they managed to take all the goodness of its organic CBD oil and generously pour it into bottles. Now, Blue Moon Hemp’s unique methods of extraction open a bouquet of useful components of the hemp plant.

Blue Moon Hemp Products

Blue Moon Hemp Original CBD Blue Moon CBD Edibles

Shopping on their web store equals getting lost in a variety of products. The brand put lots of effort to provide you with an assortment of CBD goods that no other competitor can boast of. On their website, you can find everything from CBD shutters to CBD & Hemp Oil Pod Systems and bundles. CBD & Hemp Oil E-Blunts, sample bundles, CBD Pet Tinctures, CBD Salves, Blue Moon Hemp CBD & Hemp Vape E-Liquids, Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies – even these goods don’t complete the whole list of products from the brand. The choice is indeed an embarrassment of riches, but we’re going to review the top ones.

Blue Moon Hemp Shatter

Blue Moon Hemp Pineapple Shutter Blue Moon Blueberry CBD Shatter

This is a rarely seen product which can be found exclusively on the company’s web store.

Sustainably sourced ingredients allowed Blue Moon’s manufacturers to develop a unique formula that extracts 99.6% of pure cannabidiol. Meanwhile, most CBD shatters account for just 45% – 75%. This fact speaks for itself – the brand does care about its goods, striving to put the most out of cannabidiol into each tin.

The blueberry Blue Moon’s CBD Shatter is available at 0.5 gram for $35 and is used for balancing your endocannabinoid system daily. Another potency of 1 gram is also available for shoppers who need a bigger dose. Other variations of the same product include pineapple express CBD shatter, savita AK47 shatter, and sour diesel CBD shatter. All products aim to buffer unpleasant feelings and to maintain your health condition in a good tone.

Blue Moon Hemp for Pets

Blue Moon CBD Tincture for CatsBlue Moon Hemp CBD Dog Treats

A special collection of products for our four-legged friends which we candidly adore represents a number of delicious treats. Apart from traditional CBD dog treats, you can find TruBlu bacon CBD dog tinctures with potencies of 250, 500 and 1000 mg, and TrueBlue Bluefin Tuna CBD cat tincture that comes in a small, 250mg bottle.

The prices for cannabidiol goodness range from $35 to $99, giving your loving pets the nourishment they deserve, especially if they tend to suffer from stress. These are also non-typical pet treats since manufacturers use quality emulsion methods which lead to a micro-encapsulation of the molecules. The net effect is improved bio-availability and accelerated absorption.

Blue Moon Hemp Tinctures

Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu Natural TruBlu Berry CBD Tincture by Blue Moon

The Blue Moon Hemp CBD Tinctures is an oasis in which the customers find salvation as soon as they see a variety of this product on the webstore. High-Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil is first extracted using nano-technologies and then poured in a liquefied form into bottles, bringing a wide variety of tinctures to the CBD assortment. Among the best options you’ll find TruBlu natural, berry, and peppermint CBD tincture.

If these flavor variations is not a surprise for you, wait until you know which potencies and strengths the brand offers for the product. The lowest potency is 125, and it gradually rises to 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and whooping 3000 mg of CBD. But the good news doesn’t end here. As an exclusive product, you can also buy the original CBDMD premium tincture of 100mg.

Blue Moon Hemp Vape

Blue Moon CBD Flan Total EclipseBlue Moon Flan Mood Pod

When it comes to vaping, which most young adults prefer, there’s no substitution to Blue Moon’s hemp oil blunts. The manufacturers though not only about your willing to buy Flun, Kush or Red Devil moon pods. They also took into account other necessary vaping equipment, such as mood pod rechargeable battery and CBD blunt. All these items can be bought with a discount altogether, helping you experience the best vaping with friends or by yourself.

Blue Moon Hemp E-liquid

BlackKat Blue Moon Three Quarter Moon BlueMoon TruBlue Peppermint CBD

On the official Blue Moon website, you can find staggering 25 vape e-liquid options. Such a great assortment can hardly be found on any other store. The products include BlackCat, Flan, Kush, Pure, and RedDevil CBD e-liquids for vapes. As for potencies, the volume of each bottle is customly named quarter moon, three quarter moon, half moon, total eclipse, and full moon. These names signify 125, 250, 500, 750, and 1000mg accordingly. These e-liquids will serve you better than regular pills, ensuring your wellbeing is balanced and your mood – much better than yesterday.

Blue Moon Highlights

The company which so many people opt for has lots of merits to dwell on. First is their aspiration to supreme product quality that makes the goods easily absorbed and with long-lasting effects. Second is the brand’s endless attention to customer’s needs. They introduced a wide range of products with different flavors, as well as potency and strength levels to satisfy every client and customize the goods according to everyone’s preferences. And third is the company’s costs that make every product from the line affordable and attainable.

Blue Moon Negative Thoughts

Along with perks, Blue Moon also has some negatives which should be paid attention to. For example, the brand doesn’t feature lab test results under each product. This is not a catastrophe in the framework of one company, but when customers don’t see an official proof of quality which the brand swears by, the likelihood of buying their goods decreases. It’d also be a plus if Blue Moon included short descriptions of what concentration of CBD to take, otherwise many users could take a wrong dose.

Final Comment

Overall, Blue Moon met, and even exceeded, our expectations in terms of its liability, focus on customers’ wishes, and eminent products of well-known, excellent reputation. Among other things, the brand longs to retain its place in the CBD market not for the sake of revenues, but for the sake of helping people with numerous health problems. That’s what makes the company recognized, appreciated, and loved.


Blue Moon Hemp Products:

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