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Hemp extracts crafted with care – that’s the vision which Bluebird Botanicals carries throughout the production process every single day. Like the mother Nature takes care of us, so does the company which decided to summon all the useful organics into one set of CBD goods. Indeed, Bluebird Botanicals is among only a few brands which is convinced that distorting natural cannabidiol with chemicals would mean death to conscious manufacturing traditions.

That’s probably one of the key reasons that explain why their goods are so awesome and helpful. They also work persistently to invent new methods of production and include new items to the product line to arm you with a wide selection.

Who is Bluebird Botanicals: Company Story

The family-owned company is located in Kentucky’s largest city Louisville. This location was chosen with the intention to farm hemp seeds on the most sustainable fields. Great climate and warm sun accelerate the growth of seeds which are later sent to special laboratories for further processing.

Bluebird Botanicals is indeed a special enterprise. The company went out on a limb to make you feel healthier, both psychologically and physically. They invested lots of finances and resources to let you see the complete cannabinoid profile of each product. Now, they display radical transparency for every CBD product bottle and thus initiate an active phase of CBD consciousness within the overwhelmingly competitive market.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Products

Bluebird Botanicals THC free CBD Oil Bluebird Botanicals Companion CBD Capsules

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD CompanionBluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic CBD Oil

As soon as you visit their web store, you realize what an effort manufacturer puts to create such an outstanding production. You can find basically everything in their product line. In particular, they offer:

  • hemp CBD oil
  • Bluebird Concentrated CBD oils
  • hemp CBD capsules
  • concentrated CBD capsules
  • CBD isolate
  • Bluebird Botanicals’ Vape Oil
  • CBD vape products
  • THC-free CBD oil
  • Hemp blends for animals
  • Hemp apparel

Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp Oil

Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil

Classics are always a win-win option for consumers who don’t like to experiment with flavors and ingredients. Owing to its purity, the ingredients included in one bottle contain Bluebird’s CBD extract and organic hemp seed oil. Interestingly, the seed oil is used not only to nourish your body with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, but also to have a base oil to emulsify the hemp extract into.

You can purchase any size and strength depending on your needs. The available options include 1, 2, 4 and 8 oz with 250+ mg of CBD. The prices start at 25 dollars for a bottle.

The Bluebird vape oil

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice

Good news for vape lovers – you can now buy harmless vape juice with natural ingredients. One small bottle of this juice will let you feel the whole magic of the Bluebird CBD isolate in your vaporizer. The hemp-CBD crystalline extract is tasteless, but you can mix it with other vape flavors anytime you want. Also, Bluebird Botanicals oil is always third-party lab-tested and serves as a great source of effortless and enjoyable vaping experience.

Bluebird Botanicals features two sizes of vape oil in their web store: 333+ mg of CBD in 0.33 fluid ounces and 1,000+ mg of cannabidiol per 1 fluid oz

Bluebird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete blend

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp Extract

This product can be a new finding, even for those who have tried CBD before. The reason why it’s called a complete blend is because it contains both CBD and CBDA compounds with a pinch of terpenes sprinkled on top. What does it mean? You’ll get an extra portion of hemp extracts in one single bottle for maximum effect. Apart from that, they add olive oil to enhance the natural taste of a blend and function as a perfect carrier oil for CBD hemp.

You can buy 1,2,4 or 8 oz bottles with 250+ CBD concentration for 30 dollars and up.

Hemps Blends for Animals

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Companion Bluebird Botanicals Companion CBD Oil

Companion oil, companion capsules, and concentrated companion capsules are the most frequently bought goods for your favorite pets. The companion Bluebird CBD oils containing 250mg of cannabidiol compound per ounce is an ideal addition to your doggie, catty or horse nutrition. And while you might feel intimidation by including CBD to your pet’s food, we can assure you that it’s THC-free. It means that no horse or cat will get high and behave like crazy after taking hemp blends.

If you or your pet don’t favor liquids, Bluebird Botanicals introduced soft gel, taste-neutral capsules with the same bunch of benefits. The brand offers two bottle sizes containing 60 and 120 capsules with 300 and 600mg of CBD concentration respectively.

However, if these dosage options are too much for your pet, you can opt for another alternative product – concentrated companion capsules with 30 count size. But whichever option you choose will give your pet a healthy dose of health benefits every time.

Bluebird’s isolate

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate Bluebird Botanicals Bulk CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest crystalline version of hemp extract represented by a snowy-white powder. Prior to appearing on the web store and being sold to thousands of customers around the world, the bulk extract undergoes multistep processes. They include ethanol extraction, evaporation to remove impurities, and decarboxylation. Such production phases ensure the end product contains 96%-99.9% pure CBD, just the way it should be.

The net effect is spectacular – you’ll feel much better if you tend to experience regular stress and weakness. The powder is tasteless and naturally deprived of any metals, pesticides and other harmful ingredients.

Bluebird Highlights

One thing we know for sure: no other CBD brand displays every single detail of CBD production methods so accurately and understandably as Bluebird Botanicals. Each product you click on contains an “almanac” of what it is and how it’s produced. This is a great input into CBD business, which means that less people will take the goods, the origin and manufacture of which they don’t know about.

The company’s web store even features the list of helpful CBD terms in case customers have no clue what they mean. This is not to mention their affiliate program and assistance program which helps low-income, disabled and veteran Americans qualify for 25%-40% off all orders. Isn’t that a reason to be proud of the company for its selfless deeds?

Another noticeable feature of Bluebird Botanicals is a product line. The wide selection of goods they offer incorporate the best traditions of CBD and innovative introductions which no other competitor has. You can buy anything from tinctures to apparel there and dive into the CBD world full of many health perks for you and your pets alike.

Bluebird Negatives

Even though the brand is widely known for its informative contribution to the development of CBD cognizant population, there is still an important part missing. They do not outline health benefits from taking Bluebirds products under every item. This factor leaves every client second guessing what potential benefits they can get after taking their oil or capsules.

Apart from this, the company doesn’t include instructions for product use. This point is also quite a minus because customers will not be aware of CBD health benefits unless they know how to take it.

Finally, all of the Bluebird Botanical CBD products are flavorless and odorless, which can be an issue for customers who like to play with various tastes. Yes, you won’t see a rainbow of colors like in Skittles packs that are featured in most of the popular brands. But on the flip side, that’s even better for conservative users not keen on flavor experiments.

Final Comment

Bluebird Botanicals erased an obsolete practice of letting pain and stress go by themselves once their product launch has started. Their fundamental mission is the protection of CBD quality at all cost. And that’s what makes this brand so outstandingly good at what they do. So if you’re one of those who hasn’t tried CBD yet, it’s about time to try new goods with Bluebirds Botanicals.


Bluebirds Botanicals Products: https://bluebirdbotanicals.com/

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