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Today, Hemplucid company is one among the leaders of the CBD industry; they have built a manufacturing plant that meets pharmaceutical standards and still maintains the safety of patients as their main priority. Hemplucid guarantee that the merchandise is clean and safe to use, even for individuals with a deficient system.

What is Hemplucid: Company Story

The story of the brand began in 2016. For a long time, the originator of the firm tried to gather a group of individuals to discover the power of CBD.

The team of professionals started research on how to help these poor people not to suffer due to rookie doctors and advice.

The solution was to find a company that wouldn’t produce tinctures in dark bottles but a really decent product. They are proud to say that the plants they are using to produce CBD oil and other products originate in Colorado. That is why they boast higher quality control and experienced growers. For this reason, Hemplucid is confident about placing their labor results in clear bottles.

Hemplucid Products

Hemplucid THC Free Kalki Muscle Rub Hemplucid Whole Plant MCT Oil

The Hemplucid’s products have quite a wide range and something to offer for every person. On their official site you can find:

  • IsoTerp
  • full spectrum CBD wax
  • CBD softgels
  • full spectrum CBD gummies
  • THC free CBD oils
  • CBD oil tinctures
  • Hemplucid’s CBD gummies
  • whole-plant CBD tinctures
  • isoterp CBD tinctures
  • CBD soft gel capsules
  • Hemplucid’s Hemp Seed Oil

Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Tinctures

Hemplucid CBD Vape Drip Hemplucid Tincture CBD Oil


CBD tincture is a popular full-spectrum product for its potency, versatility, and the rapid onset of its effects.

Help seed oil due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids is one of the most valuable vegetable oils in general. Unsaturated fatty acids help lower cholesterol and blood sugar and thus strengthen the entire cardiovascular system. In addition, hemp tincture is also a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E (in the form of tocopherols) and antioxidants such as chlorophyll and lecithin.

You can purchase from 250mg to 1500mg.

Hemplucid ISOTERP™ CBD

People who cannot use THC should try this perfect blend of THC-FREE CBD for athletes.

Available in the range from 250mg to 1500mg, this product helps individuals who can’t use THC to keep progressing while not refusing taking CBD oil.

This product provides consumers with all the needed vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Hemplucid CBD Gummies

Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies


CBD Gummies appear on first product search list on Google trends. As for CBD chewing sweets, they are growing in popularity with the cannabis molecule (cannabinoid), which does not cause any psychotropic effect, such as with THC. You can find a bag with 5 or 30 gummies. Depending on your preferences and consuming experience, choose the appropriate volume for you.

CBD Edibles such as Gummies cause lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Moreover, children love them more than ordinary adult capsules.

Hemplucid CBD Gel Capsules

Hemplucid Soft Gel CBD Capsules

The brand provides a wide range of capsules volume: from 15 mg to 75 mg. Hemplucid’s full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD Gel Caps are a convenient way to dose CBD throughout the day, with no aftertaste.

Contains gamma-linolenic acid – GLA (1-4%) – is 100% biologically useful and alternatively interacts with EPA and DHA in fish oil.

Hemplucid CBD Body Cream

Hemplucid CBD Lotion

This product option matches people with skin conditions. A cannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum hemp CBD topical lotion is a perfect way to wind down from a brutal workout or hike, which will leave your skin refreshed and clean, with no oily residue after the first use.

Available in the range from 500 to 1000mg.

Whole-Plant CBD for Your Pets

Roxy CBD oil for Dogs Roxy CBD Oil for Cats

How could Hemplucid leave aside our loved pets? Of course, the company has a product line for your small friends. Today on the store shelves, you can find Hemplucid’s CBD for cats and dogs.

According to various researches, pets get the same benefits from taken CBD as humans do. From the major causes your little friend will have:

  • balance
  • relaxation
  • increased sense of well-being.

Available in the dosage of 100 and 300mg. Chicken and fish flavor.

Hemplucid Highlights

From the obvious benefits you can get from using products of this brand, here’s one honorable mention. CBD from gummies and gel capsules interacts with many body systems – from combination with serotonin receptors responsible for “good mood” to stimulating the work of receptors that calm the nervous system. Hemplucid scientists call this property a “full body massage.”

People who currently use this brand’s products claim that CBD helps to feel relaxed and recharged – and thus even helps to cope with everyday life problems.

But apart from the benefits you get for your health, the company is a pleasure to deal with, and here is why:

  • Quality of products. Hemplucid offers the customer an original product of the best quality that meets international quality standards.
  • Safety. It always takes care of customers, their health and longevity, informing and educating them. For guarantee and confidence, you can easily get all the necessary certificates of quality and authenticity of products.
  • Mission. The mission of the company is not only to sell quality goods, but also to provide professional assistance.
  • Innovation. Hemplucid never stops in searching for new products, not forgetting to develop already existing ones.

Hemplucid Negative Thoughts

There is also a negative side of this company’s marketing strategy to keep in mind before opting for the brand. The quality of cannabis extract should be validated and indicated by the results of laboratory tests under each product and Hemplucid does not provide it.

To conquer the market, Hemplucid should add more products to its product range such as body cream and gel capsules. There is no doubt that their product is of the best quality, but their online shelves should be extended.

Final Comment

People suffer from many health issues. What Hemplucid’s doing? They produce a product that helps them. One of their goals is to create CBD common at homes of individuals around the world, and Hemplucid strives to make it a daily use product.

As Hemplucid grow, they partner with native farmers to supply them with the ability and instrumentality for growing hemp for Hemplucid. As Hemplucid grows, they partner with native farmers to supply them with the ability and instrumentality for hemp growing. The company also builds additional environmental selections. Hemplucid does so, to make a considerable positive impact on global pollution drawback.


Hemplucid Products:

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