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Best CBD Coffee Reviews in 2020

How many cups of coffee do you drink daily? Perhaps a lot. We bet you can’t imagine your life without this freshly roasted and unapologetically tasty beverage. But what if we tell you that you can digest coffee with organic CBD? If you haven’t heard about this introduction to the CBD market, now it’s just about time to read more about it and make one of the best purchases in your life.

CBD coffee was created with design to combine energy boost with health benefits. Just one cup of a morning drink with a drop of cannabidiol extract will give you a blast of revitalization and take your productivity to a new level. So what’s so special about this mind-blowing product? Keep reading our review to know everything and even more.

american shaman cbd coffee

American Shaman CBD Coffee

Start your morning with a hot cup of American Shaman CBD Coffee – a convenient and enjoyable way to take your daily dose of Cannabidiol. American Shaman makes the best CBD coffee within the US. Only non-GMO industrial hemp has been used to produce this product. The manufacturer takes pride that they have used the finest quality Columbian and Brazilian coffee beans and full spectrum cannabinoid to bring you the best coffee drinking experience.

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American Shaman CBD Coffee Features:

  • Convenient packaging
  • Premium coffee with purest full-spectrum CBD
  • USA made product without the use of pesticides/herbicides
  • Innovative manufacturing processes
  • Reasonable pricing with a money-back guarantee are offered

Green Roads CBD Coffee

This one will pleasantly surprise you with product variations available on their webstore. Green Roads CBD Coffee goes in 2oz pack. But apart from selling this stellar and all-loved drink, the brand also took care of tea drinkers. What makes exactly coffee a star of the show is the contents of course.
The manufacturers take pride at the fact that they use Colombian coffee of primary quality to grant you the best coffee drinking experience in your life. Its delicate profile enriched with sweet notes and caramel aroma will not only warm you on a cold winter day but also make you depart to hot and exotic South America after the first cup.

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Green Roads CBD Coffee Features:

  • The total amount of CBD equals 60 mg
  • Coffee beans are delivered directly from Huila
  • The quality of CBD is controlled by a licensed pharmacist

Hemp House Dark Roast Coffee 8 Count

The name of the brand is a direct innuendo on what you’ll feel right after taking the first sip of their savory beverage. You can chill and relax taking their convenient CBD coffee pods wherever you want, be it a park, an office, or home. Yet, the main perk of this seductive product lies in the output brought to consumers by the innovative manufacturing practices. While ordering your CBD goodness, keep in mind that only 4 pack boxes of pods are available on the store.

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Hemp House Dark Roast Coffee Features:

  • Convenient packaging for on-the-go consumers
  • 25mg of high quality CBD
  • Contains the purest CBD isolate
  • Premium artisan coffee in each pod

What is CBD Coffee?

CBD-infused coffee is basically coffee beans soaked in high-quality CBD. The idea of creating it must’ve been stuck in the head of some genius and crazy coffee shop holder for years. And finally, today, American people can enjoy it to the fullest extent.

CBD coffee is indeed a new trend that holds its fans and doesn’t want them to go. Well, we honestly don’t think coffee imbibers have any desire to give up their habit either. But what’s more important you need to know about the new king of all drinks is that taking such coffee is as safe as taking CBD oil or lotion. Moreover, we often drink our morning cup of coffee with CBD oils or take CBD capsules before work, but buying coffee already infused with CBD makes this even simpler.

The matter is that CBD coffee is approximately 90% coffee and 10% CBD – the ratio depends on the brand. It means that you can make the most out of your drink without even worrying about consequences. Therefore, lots of manufacturers who follow the hype strive for excellence in this sector to satisfy and pamper their guests with some of the most flavorsome drink ever.


How is CBD Infused into Coffee?

The process goes as follows: first, the cannabidiol extract is derived from all-organic hemp using the CO2 process. Then, the coffee is infused without extra terpenes and additives. Notably, if the brand selling CBD coffee is scrupulous and prefers quality over quantity, they never coat beans in oil or tincture.

As a rule, such agents as PG, PEG, or VG are also out of the question. The right technique presupposes infusing only those oils that are extracted from the raw coffee beans during the roasting process. Another critical factor that defines the success of this operation is that these natural oils reveal their benefits on the day of the roast. So it’s essential not to postpone the infusion.

Health Benefits of CBD Infused Coffee

Given that CBD and coffee work together, their perks for human health double, or even triple. In short, the list of advantages you can get while drinking another cup extends to dozens of points. Let’s break all of them down and outline basic facts.

  • CBD coffee decreases the risk of stroke by more than 20%, mostly because of the caffeinated coffee contents.
  • This type of coffee levels up your productivity and helps concentrate on important tasks.
  • CBD coffee buffers the risk of diabetes
  • Marijuana-infused coffee decreases the emergence of seizures
  • Cannabidiol-infused drink releases symptoms of anxiety, panic, and stress.
  • CBD coffee releases post-workout muscle pain by 48%
  • This beverage helps call off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
  • CBD coffee facilitates Parkinson’s disease.
  • Hemp extract coffee lowers the chances of having skin cancer.

How to Make CBD Coffee?

If dexterity is your element and you’d like to see the shelves of your kitchen packed with useful CBD coffee, take notes and get ready to make this yummy drink at home.

The recipe for endless happiness and painless mornings is as easy as ABC. Here’s ours:

  • Brew 8oz of fresh coffee of your choice. We recommend a French press as it saturates your drink with a bold taste. Also, you can play with the amount of coffee and use whichever measurement according to your taste.
  • Put the brewed coffee into a blender and give it a good mix.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of butter. Again, use the one you prefer.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil to the mixture.
  • Add 1/2 dropper of CBD oil. Caution: use the dosage as suggested by your doctor. If you don’t know what’s the right one for you, start with the lowest concentration.
  • Add some extra ingredients to the coffee for enhanced flavor, if applicable. For example, shredded chocolate, syrup, cinnamon or cardamom.
  • Blend all this goodness for 15-20 seconds. Add marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, or Graham crackers on top to give it a fancy look.
  • Enjoy the best coffee cup in your life!

Can You Take CBD Oil with Coffee?

The CBD compound became widespread in 2018 when it was announced as legal in most countries and absolutely legal in US states. Nowadays, there are many forms of the product, from a traditional CBD oil to CBD gummies for all tastes.

CBD and coffee have become a favorite mixture for many people. But what exactly happens when you mix caffeine with CBD and is it worth it? If you are a coffee lover but experience insomnia for some time, then a combination of CBD and caffeine will make you fall asleep faster. Yet, if you have serious health disorders, putting CBD oil to your coffee will not be a decent therapy. In such a case, it is worth visiting the doctor for a full body checkup.

Side Effects of CBD Coffee

The downsides of drinking CBD oil are associated for many with an undiscovered world of possible symptoms that might prevent them from normal functioning. While the current amount of scientific evidence on what negatives CBD coffee brings to health is scarce, the most common and known side effects you can experience include the following:

  • A partial blockage of anti-inflammatory properties of CBD by the caffeine in coffee.
  • Excessive Sweating.
  • Nervousness.
  • Sleepiness and drowsiness. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s true that in some cases the effects brought by CBD prevail over the ones of caffeine. It may cause an adverse reaction to what we most frequently expect from a cup of coffee. This is especially the case when the dosage of CBD exceeds the accepted norm.
  • Sleep Deprivation.
  • Dizziness and the increase in blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

If you drink your body weight in coffee every day, or at least you are close to this record, CBD coffee will be a great novelty for your drinking routine. But if you don’t like experimenting or are a newbie in this department, a regular cup of your favorite beverage will do. What you have to remember in the first place before buying such a product is that CBD coffee might bring either euphoria and relaxation or the adverse symptoms you wouldn’t even give a thought. If you don’t know where to find CBD coffee near you, please check our map with states where CBD is legalBefore drinking it, always adhere to the right measurements – there should be more coffee than CBD in a cup. And keep in mind that different brands might sell different products under the same label, and some could worsen your health because of low-quality hemp used for extraction. So don’t forget to check lab tests results under each item you choose.


What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is a mix of organic coffee ground and CBD compound, which is an alternative way of taking CBD. After CBD legalization in 2018, coffee manufacturers started producing packs containing permitted CBD dosage. Cannabis-infused coffee has both calming and healing effects and is in high demand nowadays.

How to make CBD coffee?

If you want to make CBD coffee at home rather than buy the ready-to-use infused drink, follow the recipe:

  • 1. Grind roasted coffee beans and put 2 tsp into your cup.
  • 2. Add 1-2 drops of CBD oil in coffee and mix it well.
  • 3. Pour boiling water and wait for 5 minutes.
  • 4. Enjoy your CBD infused coffee.
Is CBD coffee legal?

No matter what form of CBD you intake, it was legalized in 2018. CBD coffee is legal unless it contains no more than 0,3% THC.

How often can I drink CBD infused coffee?

You can start with 15 mg dosage per day and see if you feel good. If you do, feel free to raise the CBD level in your coffee to find the right dose.

Written by:

Jamie Taylor

Jamie has more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant. He has always been interested in the healing potential of cannabidiol, especially in its pain relief properties. Jamie considers cannabidiol as a powerful remedy with minimal side effects. He knows how to help users make rational buying decisions based on the unbiased and accurate reviews of CBD products and brands.

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