Premium Jane is the online web store of CBD products under the label of premium quality. What you can expect from the company is the approach of a fully-dedicated CBD brand that values transparency & best manufacturing techniques to deliver cannabidiol goods to the masses.

Premium Jane knows that the amazing effects of CBD should be available for everyone without borders. Purest results of intaking CBD and safety are in the list of priorities of this flagship brand that wants to educate and engage the community of the hemp-based product fans. The brand is the next step in your CBD journey where you’ll be pleased with the brand that does not make empty promises delivering astounding CBD product range instead.



What is Premium Jane: Company Story

The company has a farming background because it’s located in the rural area, Scottsdale, AZ. The company includes several friends who share a common background, and it’s a tied-up community of CBD enthusiasts. Premium Jane CBD has gathered people of various professional expertise under the same hood. Farmers, agricultural experts, biologists, and chemists invest in the growth and expansion of the brands that offer products like Premium Jane hemp capsules.

 The efforts of such diverse professionals have resulted in the appearance of such an unconventional brand. Consuming the company’s goods, you can stay calm and relaxed because no pesticides, solvents, or any toxic chemicals will enter your body. The brand uses only regulated industrial hemp during manufacturing without any additives to save cash and time. It’s the mission of Premium Jane to make the CBD market secure and trustworthy as it should have always been.

Premium Jane Products

The product line of the brand under the review is diverse and catchy at the same time. You could get several basic types of CBD goods well-known among other stores. The flagship product is undoubtedly oral CBD tinctures that contain full-spectrum cannabidiol to use orally. The extras in the tinctures include all the nice additives like terpenes, phytocannabinoids, Omega-3 and 6, and some aromatic oils.

The next stop is Premium Jane CBD capsules that contain concentrated cannabidiol to easy several most annoying health conditions like headaches, insomnia, and muscle inflammation. A convenient option for those who’ll intake CBD on the way to work. Topicals are the high-quality CBD creams that have been created using the same oil as in the tinctures. The purest cannabidiol will be the base for those creams, so don’t worry.

For a dessert, you’ll get tasty CBD gummies from the brand.  On the go or after having a meal, it’s superb and convenient to have a snack like that by your hand to fix some health and mental issues.

Premium Jane CBD Oil with Citrus Flavor

Premium Jane CBD Oil

The company invests the major part of their production lines into this product category. The oils possess several features that make them stand out among other brands trading CBD goods. You’ll experience the benefits of:

  • Extraction under the industry standard of THC lower than 0.3% from organically-grown hemp.
  • Low-temp CO2 extraction that was invented using advanced equipment designed precisely for this process.
  • Compliance of third-party lab testing with coordinated partners collaborating with other large brands.

As for various tastes, volumes, and strengths, Premium Jane has lots to offer. CBD hemp oil that goes for sale is packaged in the fancy-colored boxes that deliver bottles of 30ml volume. You’re getting a standard glass bottle with a dripper that allows getting the right amount of oil into your consumption style.

The strengths of the oil range based on the desired effect. For mild and relaxing CBD vibe, get a 300mg bottle. It’ll do the job. If you want to ensure more obvious relaxation, get a 600mg and 1000mg options. You’ll be higher in the sky than ever before without any psychoactive side-effects.

The flavors are represented by Mint, Natural, and Citrus options. It all depends whether you’re ready to try something tasted out or just grab the bottle without any side flavors. Choose which approach suits you best.

Premium Jane CBD Gummies

The gummies introduced by the brand are one of the best in the store. The hemp market is full of CBD gummy bears of different shapes, colors, and tastes. But you should keep in mind that only several brands offer the gummies of decent quality that contain only natural sweeteners and organic dyes. You can expect that description from Premium Jane Edible CBD Gummies. The gummies contain 25mg of CBD per one chewing item from the box. In a 300mg bottle, you’re getting a bunch of tasty bears that will pamper your mouth and tongue. Furthermore, you’re getting the full-packed effect of CBD on your mind and body that lifts off anxiety and eases out the pain that most people experience on the mental or physical level.

Premium Jane CBD Topical Salve

Topicals from the company are the treasure to find. When picking Premium Jane topical CBD lotion, you’re about to choose from Cocoa Butter or Eucalyptus as two main tastes. The topicals are available in two sizes – 1,500mg and 750mg. The same ingredients as during the creation of oral tinctures are utilized to create the cure for inflamed joints and muscles. You don’t need any page-long instructions to use the salve. Just gently swab some topical on the place of discomfort. In a few minutes, your life will be so much easier.

Premium Jane CBD Capsules

The brand also offers exclusive capsules in their arsenal of CBD peculiarities. Premium Jane Softgel CBD Capsules are the thing to talk about in this case. You can get the product from a highly trustworthy brand for a humble price. Full-spectrum CBD is included in those capsules to guarantee world-class quality. These capsules affect you not worse than Premium Jane Topical CBD Cream, believe the testimonials on the website. The formula of CBD inside those capsules is the same as in the case of oral tinctures, so wait for the equal effect. You’ll have 30 capsules per bottle with 25mg of CBD per capsule.

Premium Jane Highlights

You’re not going to find diverse customer feedback at Premium Jane. The website doesn’t contain that many testimonials to have an adequate picture of the real customer impression from the products. The only way is to trust brand reputation and existing evidence on their site to go on with the CBD goods that they offer.

Low-temp CO2 extraction, Kentucky hemp farms, and only natural components during manufacturing are the credits to believe in such a case. You’re not going to be disappointed with Premium Jane unless not having a bit of CBD gambling spirit in your blood, make the best to ease your life. 

Premium Jane Negative Thoughts

As it was already mentioned, the brand should place some testimonials on their website to let people know what Premium Jane is. Of course, we don’t have any doubts about the brand’s superb approach to selling CBD. They do it on a premium level so far. In only a little more than two years on the market, this is the real deal for a fresh player like the reviewed brand.

Final Comment

The ending words on Premium Jane can’t be anything other than positive. The company has managed to deliver the quality of goods unseen among 85% of competitors. The brand operates in the higher league and they support their reputation flawlessly. Feels like never before have the gummies been so sweet and chilling, and the tincture absorbing so fast.


Premium Jane Products:

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