Hemp Bombs is a company that wholly dedicates itself to the creation of hemp-infused goods that make regular users feel thankful for the cure they get. In particular, CBD products this brand produces embrace a wide range of goods that are third party lab tested and approved for quality and consistency.

Keep reading our hemp bombs cbd review, because we’re going to spill the beans on best practices HempBombs utilizes to make their products not only visually appealing but also truly effective.      

What is Hemp Bombs: Company Story

Hemp Bombs is a Tampa-based company that launched its very first CBD product relatively lately, in 2016. Back then, when resources and state-of-the-art technology for production of hemp-infused goodness were scarce, Hemp Bombs has entered the market with a noble mission to help millions recover from diseases. 

This approach hasn’t changed ever since, and neither has the supreme quality their manufacturers still adhere to. Today, Hemp Bombs is a complete multifunctional enterprise that grows industrial hemp, manufactures CBD products, provides packaging and shipment to everyone who needs to feel the taste of complete relaxation.       

Hemp Bombs Products

You’ll hardly find any other company with so many goods in the inventory, to be honest. As soon as you enter the HempBombs official page, you immediately integrate into it, experiencing pleasant shock from what you see. And what you see is an extensive selection of CBD products of all tastes and preferences: hemp oil, colorful hemp bombs gummies, vape products, capsules, syrup, hemp bath bombs, topicals, pain freeze, chill shots, and CBD oil for pets

We want to get a bit more granular here, so stay tuned to learn more about the benefits of each product

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Different Flavours

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil 

Let’s start with hemp bombs cbd oil review first. Extracted from high-quality hemp, this product does wonders to maintain your health and pass far beyond traditional treatment effects. On the Hemp Bombs e-store, you can find some of the most concentrated CBD oil ever to exist. Indeed, there’s no other alternative to the product that has six concentration levels with a formula that helps balance your mind and body. Besides, there are two flavors you have to try to enhance your experience: peppermint and watermelon

Major Highlights:

  • No chemical pesticides or fertilizers
  • THC-free
  • Highly concentrated    
  • Pleasant Taste
HB Hihj Potency CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

The brand is ready to pamper the tastes of consumers, for they’ve created 3 variations of best selling CBD gummies hemp bombs. You can now try all of them depending on your mood and the effects you expect to get after taking a colorful product. The brand’s inventory comprises original, high-potency and sleep gummies

For example, the battle-tested original edibles provide relaxation, stress relief and foster enhanced well-being. High-potency ones are designed to bring you a maximum – 25mg of CBD each gummy – effect. Whereas sleep gummies grant restful sleep. 

Major Highlights:

  • The top customer choice
  • Optimal prices
  • Organic and THC-free
Hemp Bombs Vape Products

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Products

Vape deserves a separate say in this review since so many people prefer vaping over other means of CBD consumption. This is not a surprise, especially considering the quantity of consumers who like smoking. That’s why Hemp Bombs resorted to the creation of some of the best vape products available.

You can find CBD vape oil, additives, vape tanks and batteries, disposable vape pens, hemp bombs E-liquid and mix and match. You won’t even need to worry about the quality of smoke – it’ll be a 100% big and thick cloud to give you maximum relaxation. So what are you waiting for? Your ideal vape product is just around the corner. 

Major Highlights:

  • 15 delicious flavors
  • Various CBD concentrations
  • Nicotine-free and deprived of harmful chemicals  
HB High Potency CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules

That’s another product featuring the category of CBD edibles developed to ensure the best intake experience you’ll ever have. The best thing about hemp bombs capsules is that they are impalpable when you digest them, given that they are sold in the form of pills. Each capsule contains 15mg of the brand’s broad spectrum CBD, which is a perfect serving for all users who crave alleviation from stress, anxiety and any disorder in the nervous system. You can choose from small batches that count 5 capsules, mid-sized ones containing 15 and 30 capsules, or high-potency edibles (60 capsules). It’s recommended to take one to two pills every day to feel the desired effect. 

Major Highlights:

  • Premium CBD in each capsule
  • Tested by Independent Labs
  • Contain less than 0.3% THC
HB Syrup with CBD

Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup

This one is a relatively new product the company launched to make you feel ultimate relaxation without having to take useless medicinal drugs to reduce tension or anxiety. The syrup is enriched with organic hemp and natural flavors so that you could benefit from the whole spectrum of its fundamental effect.  Available at 100mg, 300mg and 1000mg, this product ensures customized intake that aligns with everyone’s needs and preferences. 

Major Highlights:

  • Long-lasting effect
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Different flavor variations
Hemp Bomb Topical Patches for Sleep

Hemp Bombs Topicals

Topical application of CBD is another kind of hype among consumers, and Hemp Bombs didn’t lag behind this trend. They also feature a whole collection of hemp-infused topicals, all of which are created to offer you one thing: cure sore joints and muscles while maintaining your sound well-being. Here are the top products from this category to keep in mind:

HB CBD Pain Freeze

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze

As the name suggests, pain freeze is your answer to pain, cramps and joint and muscle problems. You’ll hardly find any other solution that works as great as this one. That’s because this product is made using a top-notch formula that helps CBD penetrate into each molecule of your body to save you from unpleasant feelings. 

Major Highlights:

  • Perfect for post-workout and sunburn
  • Formulated with the cooling properties of menthol
  • Natural ingredients
Max Chill Shot by HB

Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot

Here’s another “cold” product from the edibles category. That’s a truly unique drink designed specifically for avid CBD users. Thanks to its multi-dose size, you can expect as much as 75mg CBD along with a variety of other safe ingredients to feel that much needed relaxation. But be careful: this product is not for you if you’re only starting using it, for the dose is indeed imposing.  

Major Highlights:

  • Certified pure CBD
  • Soothing botanicals (White Willow Bark and Passionflower)
  • Premium Sourcing
Hemp Combs CBD Oil for Pets

Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil

Your fluffy friends need as much attention as you do, and they can suffer from depression or pain just like you. In view of this, Hemp Bombs have created special CBD oil to help little dogs, cats, and other pets feel immediate relief. Most importantly, the oil is available in 125mg, 300mg, and 1000mg potencies, guaranteeing that your breed will remain satisfied with its quality. 

Major Highlights: 

  • 125mg of CBD per bottle 
  • Easy to administer
  • Two flavors (beef and chicken)

Hemp Bombs Highlights

The company like Hemp Bombs deserves special attention and all possible accolades for the work that has already cured thousands of users. The brand does its best to adhere to best manufacturing practices and effective solutions to provide everyone with the treatment they need. Upon looking at their website and exploring the store, one can only conclude that Hemp Bombs has a noble mission to offer reliable assistance whenever possible, without boasting of unique marketing tricks. 

Everything’s plain and simple here: the company creates stellar products of premium quality, with pure CBD infused into each and every item. This approach keeps the brand afloat and affects the CBD market at large by setting the right example.    

Hemp Bombs Negative Thoughts

There are not so many things to consider when it comes to such an effective production as provided by Hemp Bombs. However, you need to take into account the fact that the brand uses CBD isolates instead of “full-spectrum” hemp extracts. That’s quite a dismal fact, for exactly full-spectrum hemp is proved to be more qualitative than CBD isolates in view of its advanced formula. 

Final Comment

In a nutshell, Hemp Bombs is one of those enterprises that goes hand in hand with advancements in experimental medicine. It’s a highly developed brand that follows the steps of influential CBD creators, all for the sake of premium treatment for people and even pets. What else can be more pleasing than the fact of knowing that you can use a potent product anytime you want? That’s what Hemp Bombs is doing now and will be doing for many years to come. 


1. Can I get high from Hemp Bombs?

No, you can’t. The company is an advocate of high-quality production, the psychoactive composition of which is lower or equals 0.3% THC. Hence, the possibility of getting high from their products is reduced to zero by default.

2. How much CBD is in Hemp Bombs?

The concentrations vary considerably depending on potency. The numbers can fluctuate from 25 to 125mg of CBD per bottle/gummy/capsule. 

3. Is Hemp Bombs Good? 

The concept of “good” is different for each person. Many experienced users can say that the brand disappointed them, only because they got used to taking CBD products from one company and now opted for this one. While newbies can prefer Hemp Bombs over other brands. Either way, there are both skeptics and all-takers. But from what we saw, we can say that this company is a definite leader on the CBD market space. That’s why we can recommend it to everyone. 


Hemp Bomb Products: hempbombs.com

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