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Top 5 Best CBD Oil For Anxiety & Stress 2020

Are you tired of stressing out and panicking but do not want to take tranquilizers? It’s not an issue anymore! Click to read our overview of the best CBD oil for anxiety available on the market. Here, we collected the latest reviews of the Top 5 CBD products, their dosage, and their unique features.

How Anxiety Affects People

Anxiousness is one of the most notorious emotions that people feel nowadays. Being worried about passing an important test, an interview for the position at work, or getting married is normal. Your brain just reacts to stress situations that it is facing, and that’s the reason why you are feeling restless. However, when you notice that you worry too often, it’s time to consult a doctor to make sure you do not have any maladies. If you do, you will need proper treatment instead of putting your own effort to calm yourself without therapy.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

The symptoms that you can notice and track are similar to all types of anxiety maladies, with the only difference of how they combine and how they are triggered. Let’s take a look at the most widespread of them:

  • Generalized ailment. In this case, you feel worried oftentimes with no clear reason for it;
  • Anxiety ailment leading to panic attacks. It is the state when you feel sudden stress and fear of death causing you to lose the sense of time and space. You may feel like you are about to die in a matter of minutes, your hands get sweaty, and your heartbeat rate increases immediately;
  • A certain phobia. For example, you have a fear of flights, closed spaces, large groups of people, etc. Thus, an anxiety disorder can be diagnosed if the fear of these objects or places is so strong that you refuse to get into situations that accompany them, e.g. you cancel business trips by plane, you never go up and down by elevator, avoid crowded places like shopping malls, etc;
  • Anxiety ailment caused by separation. This kind of worry hits you if you are closely attached to your loved one or relative. The fear of harm that can happen to your closed person becomes so torturing that you refuse to stay alone or leave your dearest people for some time;
  • Selective muteness. This disorder is usually diagnosed with kids younger than 5 years old. Its key symptom is a sudden inability to speak in different situations while having well-developed speaking skills. It happens due to shyness, fear of being laughed at, and so on. For instance, when a child visits kindergarten or school for the first time and is asked to introduce themselves in front of the class.

As you can see, the symptoms vary in each kind of malady, but they have a few features in common: the fear appears suddenly, makes an individual feel like everything is out of their control, and want to avoid situations that cause their phobias to reveal.

CBD and Anxiety: What Do Studies Say?

If for some reason you cannot cure your regular seizures of anxiousness with conventional therapy, you should consider alternative methods. One of them is treatment with hemp oil for anxiety. Let’s take a closer look at the recent findings on the effectiveness of CBD for curing phobias and fears:

A research made in 2019 demonstrated the positive impact of Cannabidiol on people who suffered from uneasiness and problems with sleep: four out of five people confirmed that their seizures reduced over time. Seventy percent of participants reported that the quality of their sleep has improved.

An article published in 2015 confirmed that CBD treatment for anxiety ailments, including post-traumatic stress, panic, and obsessive-compulsive illnesses is quite effective and worth wide prescription.

Consequently, using hemp-derived products can bring wonderful results to the patients who look for a way to feel better without receiving additional medication.


CBDistillery CBD Oil Isolate (Rated the Best for 2020)

Cannabidiol oil produced by CBDistillery is a GMO-free hemp substance. It has no additional ingredients in the composition and no tetrahydrocannabinol. The testing of the CBDistillery oils are carried out in an independent laboratory to avoid any suspicions regarding their quality. One more advantage of the oils of this brand is that they are full-spectrum and available in multiple concentrations (250 mg, 500 mg, 1000mg, 2500 mg, and 5000 mg for humans). All of them are packed in small bottles of 30 ml. The prices start at $19 per bottle and go up to $210 when on sale.

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CBDistillery Pros:

  • Wide range of dosages
  • THC-free oils
  • Low sale prices

CBDistillery Cons:

  • Come only in 30 ml bottles;
  • Do not have any taste and flavor

CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture

CBDfx develops its oils in cruelty-free and organic conditions. The company offers oil tinctures of various potencies, ranging from 500 mg to 1000 mg per bottle. All the oils are full-spectrum and contain MCT oil made of coconut in their composition. They also come in bottles of 30 ml and cost from $34.99 to $84.99 per item.

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CBDfx Pros:

  • Oils are not tested on animals
  • Good customer service

CBDfx Cons:

  • The products are served in 30 ml bottles only
  • Prices are high even on sale periods

Lazarus Naturals Chocolate Mint High-Potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

A GMO-free cannabidiol oil by Lazarus Naturals is a full-spectrum product with no sugar and preservatives. It contains coconut in its composition and comes in 750 mg, 3000 mg, 6000 mg potencies. The prices vary by the potency and start at $24 per bottle. The producing country is the USA.

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Lazarus Naturals Pros:

  • High potencies
  • Reasonable prices;
  • No conservatives

Lazarus Naturals Cons:

  • The chocolate mint flavor is not tasty as reported by customers
  • The headache after taking Lazarus Naturals cannabidiol was noticed by customers as well

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble Hemp Oil

The oil by American Shaman comes in different flavors in the only potency of 300 mg. Hence, it fits best those who just started their cannabidiol treatment and do not want to risk taking high potency oils. Available flavors include pina colada, grape, lemon, cherry limeade, and natural taste. The price is $59.99 per 30 ml bottle. All oils are manufactured in the USA.

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American Shaman Pros:

  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Good for newbies

American Shaman Cons:

  • The oil comes in only one potency

The company provides gluten-free vegan cannabidiol oils blended with coconut oil. You can choose either a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum one of any potency: 133 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 5000mg per item. The flavors available are natural, refreshing mint, and citrus twist depending on the kind of CBD oil. The prices start at $11.99 per bottle of 133 mg oil and go up to over $200 for the high-potency oils.

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Elixinol Pros:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Many potencies are available
  • All oils are tested in independent labs

Elixinol Cons:

  • Limited flavors

Cannabis and Anxiety: CBD is not the Same as Marijuana

Cannabidiol is a chemical made from the leaves of the hemp plant. Although the latter is a sort of cannabis, it has no mind-changing capabilities that marijuana has. Consequently, you will not get high after taking it. This is due to the low percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol in its composition which is less than 0.3%. Once you find cannabidiol oil with such a THC index on the label, don’t worry about its legality in the majority of the US states.

CBD-enriched products are considered to be just a dietary supplement and can be bought without restrictions in drug stores or related shops. Despite its non-hallucinating effect, the CBD dosage for anxiety should be picked individually. The factors influencing it are the type of anxiety ailment you have, your age, weight, and accompanying diseases.

For instance, the results of the study showed that 300 mg of cannabidiol oil is taken an hour and a half before performing in public drastically decreased the fear of crowds that experiment participants had. However, if you are afraid of crowds, it does not mean that the mentioned dose will fit you too. To find out how to use CBD oil for anxiety in your specific situation and whether it can be combined with antibiotics, you should get the prescription of your physician.

Food and Drug Administration even approved it to treat epilepsy. This means only one thing: this hemp element is indeed capable of easing and treating a wide spectrum of diseases and ailments.

What You Should Consider Before Buying CBD Oil For Anxiety

The dosage of cannabidiol oil is described on the label of the bottle and can be used as a guide if you want to take it as a supplement. But if you want to use it as a treatment for anxiety, you have to take it under the administration of your doctor. The exact dosage and frequency of treatment are decided based on your individual needs and health conditions.

Increasing the amount of CBD oil gradually is the best way to figure out the best CBD dosage. It is recommended to lower CBD doses firstly if you don’t want to cause some unwanted effects, such as sleepiness, lowered blood pressure, lightheadedness, or diarrhea. Side-effects are a cue to dial your dose back to the last one that didn’t produce these effects.

How do cannabidiol oils differ?

CBD oils differ depending on their contents. The three most widely used types of them are the following:

  • Full-spectrum oil. It is the oil derived from the hemp with less amount of THC than we mentioned earlier. It can also contain other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN or CMC and molecules of other agents that the hemp contains;
  • A broad-spectrum oil. This type of CBD oil contains the same substances mentioned above, but the THC component can be excluded from it completely. Many people consider this type of oil the best one;
  • An isolated oil. All components and additives are removed from this oil except for cannabidiol. This type of oil gained its popularity due to the relatively low prices and milder taste.

How to choose the best oil?

When searching for the perfect CBD oil, check the following characteristics:

  • Reviews. First of all, find out whether the seller of the oil offers proper customer service. You can do it easily by browsing reviews on websites like Trustpilot. Also, you will find out the major pros and cons of each CBD manufacturer out there;
  • The country of origin. The best cannabidiol oils for treating anxiousness and stress are produced in the United States. Once you’ve found the most trustworthy USA brands of CBD goods, search for the FDA approval of their products. It is extremely important for your safety;
  • Conditions of manufacturing. The best oils are GMO-free and made of hemp that was grown in organic conditions. Pay special attention to the laboratory testing of the oil you are about to buy: a lot of tests must be done before CBD oil can be sold;
  • The CBD potency. You have to discuss it with your doctor before buying any product since they often come in various potencies and that is why their dosage can differ;
  • Taste and smell. The oils can be flavored and unflavored, consist of additional oils, or be the only ingredient in the composition. It is up to you to decide which one to choose.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a lot of products are available today in the CBD oil market. Your only task is to consult your physician, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular CBD brands, and make the decision on the purchase of the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression. With the information stated in our review in mind, you will do that easily.


If you’re still on the fence about buying the best CBD oil, consider these points before embarking on the right option.

How to treat anxiety without medication?

To decrease the frequency of seizures or panic attacks, try using full-spectrum cannabidiol oil. This is a dietary supplement that has no harmful impact on your mind but provides quick relief with long-term effects if taken as advised by the doctor.

How often do you take CBD oil for anxiety?

The exact dosage is prescribed by the physician according to the kind of disorder and potency of a certain CBD oil.

How does CBD help anxiety?

Various studies have shown that regular CBD treatment decreases the level of stress, contributes to better sleep, and makes seizures associated with anxiety rare.

Written by:

Jamie Taylor

Jamie has more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant. He has always been interested in the healing potential of cannabidiol, especially in its pain relief properties. Jamie considers cannabidiol as a powerful remedy with minimal side effects. He knows how to help users make rational buying decisions based on the unbiased and accurate reviews of CBD products and brands.

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