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Koi CBD Oil 1000 mg

Koi CBD is a trusted and accredited brand of hemp-derived oil, vape juice & more. The company behind the brand consists of highly proficient workers who see the future in CBD products. Located in Norwalk, USA, Koi translates the importance of considering healthy benefits of CBD for human body and soul, while producing the best goods with love and care. 

Their store offers products for everyone suffering from pain, stress or anxiety. You can choose the right goods for you by just browsing their wide selection.   

Who is Koi: Brand Story

Founded in 2015, Koi initiated a responsible mission which it keeps fulfilling right to these days. The mission was to take the quality of CBD production to an entirely new level. The founders aspired to show noobies how beneficial the hemp-extracted goods can be for health, both physical and mental.

While also paying huge attention to distorted visions of critics regarding hemp-derived products, dispelling myths and providing guides to those who deem their products unworthy. Easier said than done is not the case with Koi CBD. They prove their words with evidence –  all Koi’s products undergo multiple lab testings to set the highest CBD quality standards. It is the reason why the brand succeeded in building a great and solid reputation on the market.

Koi CBD Products

Koi CBD Oil

The Koi CBD web store contains a wide range of products designed with buyers’ desires in mind. The brand offers tinctures, topicals, contagiously colorful gummies and a row of other goods and devices for the best user’s experience. Whether sublingually or topically, CBD products can be used differently depending on your personal needs.

If you suffer from back pain, take some drops of Koi CBD oil and notice results in a New York minute. If you can’t stand insomnia that keeps torturing your sleep, chew some gummy bears and see the best dreams of your life. If anxiety is the source of your unease, inhale some Koi CBD Full Spectrum oil smoke from a vape to get instant relief from external hazards. Upon browsing their product stock, you can come across many delicious and useful goodies, including:

Koi CBD Oil


Koi CBD Naturals Variety Pack

The company is home to one of the greatest collections of Koi Naturals CBD oil on the market. For example, the leader of the new Koi natural line sales – Koi Naturals with Peppermint – is an all-natural, full-spectrum CBD-infused oil that contains 13 terpenes. These compounds help restore natural balance and improve the overall physical state.

If you’re not keen on the blend of pepper and mint, the brand won’t disappoint you with a single flavor. The polychrome of different flavors is presented in Koi’s product line and includes strawberry that will serve as a good sweetener, spearmint, lemon-lime, natural, and fresh orange. The good news is that these are all bare essentials without artificial flavorings, which guarantees a memorable and tasty CBD intake experience.

All Koi CBD Naturals oils come in beautiful 30 or 60mL bottles with droppers for easy and accurate oil distribution. The starting price for a pack of healthy ingredients starts at $40, which is an optimal cost for those with a moderate budget. You can also buy Koi Naturals variety pack for $128 to feel the full rainbow of flavors and pamper yourself with various tastes daily.

Koi CBD Vape Juice

Koi CBD Vape OilKoi CBD Cartridge

If you want to vape the top-quality CBD oil instead of buying tinctures, give Koi CBD vape juice a try. Just pour the juice of your preference into the vaporizer and get ready to depart into the world of calmness, composure and harmony. The juices displayed in the Koi’s store inventory are highly relaxing liquids that help even the most stressed individuals feel safe and sound in the disturbing environment.

You can either try the juice as it is or blend it with another e-liquid food or drinks to have a truly unique vaping experience. Koi’s vape juices come in a variety of flavors: exotic blue raspberry with dragon fruit, classic flavorless additive, juicy watermelon with a bit of sour green apples, strawberry milkshake, tropical popsicle, and pink lemonade. Plus, Koi CBD offers vanilla caramel custard for dessert addicts. It is a perfect alternative to cakes with loads of calories, while the taste is totally identical to your favorite sweets.

The price for such a yummy additive starts at $30 for 30mL – each bottle is loaded with 100mG of CBD.        

Koi CBD for Pets

Koi CBD Soft Chews for PetsKoi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets

The brand’s online shop has two goods for dogs at the disposal – Koi naturals CBD spray for pets and Koi CBD soft chews. Both products are certified, healthy full-spectrum additives that your doggy will thank you for. Made from natural and harmless ingredients, these items have many healing properties. A true spectrum hemp oil included in the contents of Koi CBD chews ensures a nutritious and delicious way to restore balance for your pet.

As an alternative, consider spraying Koi CBD blend on your pet’s food or into their mouth. This way, you can provide doggies with the wide spectrum of CBD wellness they deserve. The travel-size bottle that comes in 60mL costs $60. Spending this money will make your payback priceless given that your pet will live a more sustainable and healthy life.

Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD Soft Gummies

This product is the most special one in the entire Koi CBD web store. “Why” you may ask. The main reason hides behind the technology of Koi CBD tropical gummies creation. Just imagine – they spend great amounts of time in comparison to other brands to mix and roll full-spectrum CBD blend into gummies not once, but three times. Such a method allows Koi to make sure that CBD is evenly distributed throughout every gummy. This, in turns, enhances consistency and guarantees the most effective results you can possibly get.

The Koi CBD gummies are not only filled with restorative properties, but they also come in different colors and flavors, including lime, tangerine, and acai pomegranate. This taste selection ensures that even the most capricious customers are left satisfied with variations of sour, fresh and sweet flavors. Infused with 10mG of full-spectrum CBD per gummy, the 60G pack will serve you for a long time.

Koi CBD Topicals

Koi CBD Healing BalmKoi CBD Body Lotion


The brand’s web store balms and lotions are the products for external use only. They’re absolutely incredible, and we can name at least three reasons for you to buy them now.

First of all, they allow you to relax, take the stress off, and feel calm after a hard working day or exercises in the gym.

Second of all, both balms and lotions contribute to skin smoothness and restoration, making it healthy and shiny.

Finally, their smell will take you to paradise – the natural fragrances play harmoniously with hemp-derived components, giving you a bouquet of unforgettable scents every time. The lotions come in three flavors: pink grapefruit, citrus burst, and customers’ fave – Koi CBD lavender lotion. For $40, you can get a 125mL bottle of a nice lotion filled with 200mG of quality CBD and use it on a regular.

Koi Highlights

The Koi’s products will leave many customers speechless in view of the imposing inventory the brand offers. Their web store is packed with mountains of useful products, starting from oils and ending with vapes and cartridges. But what’s always more important to consider is the contents and the quality of production. The biggest benefit of Koi CBD is that it produces 99% pure CBD using pharma grade processes in a cGMP certified facility.

This means that the company doesn’t cheat on quality and longs to create the finest CBD on the market. Another thing that cannot be left unnoticed is real proof of quality excellence. You can download lab results for each product from Koi’s line which is approved by CannaSafe – the first Accredited Lab in Cannabis Testing, and by Green Scientific Labs.

Koi Negatives

Unfortunately for many, the costs of Koi’s products are a little sky-high. This factor remotes some buyers from the best purchase of their lives, thereby preventing pain and anxiety from long-awaited healing.  Let’s not forget that we want quality products which have a somewhat increased price tag as a rule. Therefore, it’s better to pay once for effectiveness than three times for a mere fraud.

Final Comment

Koi’s CBD is definitely a must for everyone who wants to benefit from a myriad of healing properties which the brand offers. If you’re in search of a powerful product that has a potential to reduce or eliminate ailments, Koi might be just the right choice for you.

Against all the odds, Koi CBD still made it to the top of the success ladder, selling GMO-free and THC-free products of supreme quality. Hence, this company is a reliable brand with the best intentions for consumers.


Koi CBD Products: https://koicbd.com/

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