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Elixinol CBD Review

Elixinol is one of the pioneers on the CBD market since its advent at the beginning of the 2010s when the brand was already growing as an e-commerce king. When the company entered the market, the competition was almost absent. It gave the brand a competitive advantage that many fresh players do not have these days. They managed to invent a perfect CBD store formula without hassle and competitor blueprinting.

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What is Elixinol: Company Story

The proud name of a CBD veteran is one of the pillars of Elixinol reputation. Compared to many CBD companies, Elixinol began in the 1990s when they conducted first experiments with CBD to unveil its magical potential of fixing almost every annoying human health condition.

The first product that jumped out from their lab was ‘9bar’ snack. It was long before anything like Elixinol CBD Applicators, so the product was basic and versatile. It contained a lab-extracted CBD tincture that was easily consumed by the human body.

Elixinol Products

The range of products that the company sells today includes goods that are fully legal and have zero traces of THC. The regulatory organ, FDA, approved the CBD featured ingredients like hemp oil currently used by the brand. Looking at their product line, you can find everything that a CBD fan might expect.
The brand offers Elixinol CBD Applicators that is on the shelf along with CBD Oil Drops, Sativa skincare, liposomes for water, and Respire tinctures. The company has devoted several decades to perfect their formulas and product positioning, so a surprisingly rich range of stock is evident.

  • Oil Liposomes
  • Oral Applicator
  • Oil Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • CBD Dog Treats
  • Capsules

Elixinol CBD Oil Liposomes

The keyword that makes most CBD users distracted is liposomes. Many buyers compare this store item to Elixinol CBD Powder, but that’s a definite mistake. In fact, the success formula of this product is relatively simple. It has included molecular structures, lipids, in the oil to increase the absorption time of CBD by the human body.

Liposomes are the know-how on the market right now. Elixinol has enough resources to provide lab tests and full-scale certification when creating 300mg or 1000mg potencies of oil that includes purest herb and fruit additives.

Elixinol CBD Oil

Elixinol CBD Oral Applicator

This applicator is the unique product that has been developed inside of Elixinol walls by talented engineers who know how CBD must be vaped. The company believes that cannabidiol has the highest effectiveness via aerial consumption. The applicator is basically a vape pen that holds the right amount (15mg) of CBD for the session. The liquid is stored inside the safe hermetic container that does not allow any external air to come inside. A single click of the applicator releases 15mg of vaporized CBD oil, be careful and don’t overdose yourself. The X-Pen can hold up to 1000mg of CBD per usage cycle that should be enough to enjoy the best quality hemp oil liquid for several weeks.

Elixinol Oral Applicator

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

The tinctures that Elixinol has created are made using only organic hemp and CO2 extraction that leads to maxed out health benefits in each user scenario. The brand offers three distinct products in the category, each with its unique characteristics. Respira Hemp Oil, basic tinctures, and Extrato Rico Em are the spots to start.

The Respira goes in two flavors that are mint and organic-natural. The strengths are from 300mg to 600mg, each with a different price. Want to know more? Visit the corresponding section in the web store, it has all the details.

Elixinol CBD Tinctures

Elixinol Topical Balms

It was initially created by Elixinol to ease out the condition of dry lips for people who have that issue. But we recommend applying it to the rest of the body without a problem.

Any skin is susceptible to overdrying or getting damaged, so use the balm with the inclusion of vitamin E to secure yourself from any external harming factors. Works like a charm along with Elixinol Wholefood Hemp, the combo that makes the human body experience the fantastic potential of CBD as a solution to skin damage.

Elixinol Topical Balms

Elixinol CBD Dog Treats

One of the coolest things about Elixinol CBD is that they offer pet delicious snacks to cherish our small friends. This sub-segment in the Elixinol universe has been created under the inspiration from great results of Hemp Oil and Respira Versatile that have helped people all across the US. The edibles available for your pet include several benefits as for today:

  • Inclusion of up to 1.5mg of pure CBD.
  • Utilization of only organic, European grown hemp.
  • Lab-tests and verification by the certified veterinarians.
  • Only small batches to use raw materials that enter final products.

The available tastes also include Peanut Butter & Banana or Carob, Sweet Potato Pie, and Blueberry Cranberry. As you can see, everything points at the max level of joy when your fave will have a bite of the Elixinol edibles.

Elixinol CBD Dog Treats

Elixinol CBD Capsules

The capsules that Elixinol has placed in their store are worthy of taking a glance over. The formula is the same as with other products of the brand. They use only the purest, CO2 extraction. The capsules are available in several varieties. You can choose from two bottles that include strengths of450mg and 950mg. The later option contains 60 capsules with 15mg per item. In total, the capsules contain 375mg of concentrated CBD that goes directly to support your health and wellbeing.

elixinol pills

Elixinol Benefits

Elixinol items provide many advantages over familiar products in the market:


The source of quality comes from the years of presence on the CBD market and optimization of the supply chains. The brand has managed to get the best hemp available in the US to produce CBD goods currently available in the range of goods that they offer. The locations of hemp range from California to Kentucky, meaning that you can expect different batches for certain products.

Flawless product formula

The flawless product formula of Elixinol is further enhanced by the transparency, meaning that you can easily trace how the brand creates the products.

Safe products

There are no chemicals, synthetics, GMOs, and toxins in the brand’s items. Elixinol specialists regularly research the sphere to provide customers with more effective goods in the fast-growing CBD industry. They’re searching for new formulas and innovative solutions to help people improve their health anytime, always.

Thorough manufacturing approach

The brand’s in-house experts implement the most effective practices when growing plants, extracting hemp, and creating products with a perfect balance of ingredients. They collaborate with professional scientists and veterinarians who are involved in the process of manufacturing and testing of the brand’s products.

Elixinol Negative Thoughts

Customer support

One of the business aspects where Elixinol is still behind some fresh players on the market is customer support. Probably, they use third-party outsource to deal with large supply volumes. They can’t deal with the high load of orders, so while ordering you can expect some hiccups and slowdowns when the product is processed from the in-store basket to delivery. It just takes way too long than it has had to.

Final Comment

Elixinol proudly holds the title of the CBD leader for a reason. After purchasing the superb essence of the products that they deliver, you’ll set the new bar of quality when trying another brand.
The company shows that CBD can stand as the guardian of human health backed up with the approval of medical experts and scientists. Various shapes, sizes, and volumes are available for you to explore the selection of products that redefines the industry today.

Written by:

Jamie Taylor

Jamie has more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant. He has always been interested in the healing potential of cannabidiol, especially in its pain relief properties. Jamie considers cannabidiol as a powerful remedy with minimal side effects. He knows how to help users make rational buying decisions based on the unbiased and accurate reviews of CBD products and brands.

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