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Green Gorilla is the company that creates high-quality CBD products and has an exact vision that distinguishes it from others. The company strongly believes that the most important aspect of their activity implies making the most of hemp so that it can benefit you in several ways. Once you understand how their CBD contributes to both the environment and your wellbeing, you will love it. Green Gorilla creates organic, non-GMO products that are sourced from own agricultural division, meaning that you will have to pay a premium for the flawless quality. However, CBD products that the company manufactures are definitely worth every single dollar spent on them. No matter what type of product you are searching for, you will end up with premium quality.


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What is Green Gorilla: Company Story

You have probably come across multiple CBD companies that vouch for the quality and legacy of their products, and all of them were established to deliver you CBD. With Green Gorilla, things are slightly different since it was created to let people get all the benefits of CBD.

Steven Saxton, the founder of the company, managed to discover outstanding health consequences of CBD after using it on hopelessly ill dogs. Right after Mr. Saxton found that CBD is a remedy, he launched a Hemp & Olive brand in 2015, which has later become known as Green Gorilla.

Today, Green Gorilla has built an international brand that introduces a wide non-GMO, organic product line to help the planet and its inhabitants prosper and thrive.

Green Gorilla Products

Of course, you will not find any unfamiliar product once you take a look at the product line. But, you will see how convenient the intake might be since their products come in a variety of forms! From classical oil tinctures to lip balms, you will easily find a product to resolve your problem.

  • Oils
  • CBD for Pets
  • Topicals
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Gummies

Green Gorilla Hemp and Oil Products

Green Gorilla’s CBD oil products are probably the most appreciated category among customers. The list of reasons why customers give preference to oil tinctures is immense, beginning with pleasurable taste and ending up with a quick result.

This green company crafts pure CBD extracts using extra virgin olive oil, and this makes the company indeed innovative among competitors. Their products are available in any dosage, from 150 mg to 7500 mg. Other impressive aspects of hemp and olive products are the following:

  • natural flavors only: original, lemon, unflavored;
  • organic olive oil. Once you buy the tincture, you can be sure it’s all organic since the main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil.
Green Gorilla CBD Oil

Green Gorilla Topical

Have you ever experienced soreness or had a chapped skin? Well, it is not obligatory to search for overpriced creams with a harmful composition when you can access all organic Green Gorilla CBD topicals. It doesn’t matter that the company only offers two kinds of topicals at the moment (Organic CBD balm and lip balm) since both products are universal and multifunctional. The balm is made with 95% organic ingredients and contains 300 mg of active Cannabidiol. It perfectly fits all and can be applied to any part of your body to relieve pain and get rid of soreness.

Green Gorilla botanical cbd balm

Green Gorilla CBD for Pets

As a pet owner, you probably know that dogs and cats experience anxiety from time to time. With Green Gorilla’s products, your pet can take benefit from high-quality CBD. You can get your furry friend a treat or CBD hemp oil from Green Gorilla to improve general health and relieve pain. Their pet product line is represented by oils of a dosage ranging from 150 mg to 1500 mg and freeze-dried lamb-flavored treats, each nibbet containing 3 mg of CBD.

Green Gorilla CBD for Pets

Green Gorilla Gummies

Consider buying a CBD product but still hesitating about the convenience of intake? With Green Gorilla CBD gummies, you will see how pleasurable and easy it can be. These gelatin-free certified gummies are a perfect choice and the most preferred way to deliver pure CBD oils to your body. The jar contains 300 mg of gummies that are available in berry flavors. It is indisputable that this one is the most beloved way to add organic Green Gorilla CBD to your supplement routine.

 Green Gorilla Gummies

Green Gorilla Full Spectrum CBD

The peculiarity of full-spectrum CBD implies that such oils contain whole plant oil. Such products have a high dosage (1200 and 3000 mg) and contain 25% active Cannabidiol. The intake of full-spectrum CBD will deliver essential fatty acids and vitamins to your body, owing to the useful properties of the whole plant.

Green Gorilla CBD

Benefits of Green Gorilla

The personal experience of using Green Gorilla’s products allowed to prove its effectiveness for those who are willing to cope with anxiety and stress. Besides, buying dog treats from Green Gorilla also demonstrated that their products like nothing else can help our furry friends. There are some other essential highlights for you to keep in mind.


For you to put aside hesitation, Green Gorilla regularly conducts 3-rd party lab tests and places them at their official website. Having read such reports, you will be convinced of the brand’s reputation and the flawless quality of the products they provide.

Different dosage

Depending on whether you have a condition or merely wish to calm down, you will need a certain dosage. For instance, relieving stress and relaxing your mind does not require the dosage you need for fighting more severe conditions. Green Gorilla’s CBD products have both tiny and a large dosage so that you can choose the one cut out for you.

A contribution to the sustainable future

Another compelling reason to choose Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive™ line is the support it provides for the planet. Probably, you care about the quality of the hemp oil you are looking forward to purchasing. Green Gorilla, in fact, preserves our planet’s future by manufacturing all organic, non-GMO, 99.7% pure, high-quality CBD.

Green Gorilla Negatives

Two flavors only

Nothing really bad comes to mind after having become acquainted with Green Gorilla and its product line. You might consider it as a drawback that Green Gorilla’s CBD Products come only in two flavors.


Also, you may find the consumption difficult due to the dispensing method of intake.

Final Comment

Overall, there are many reasons for loving this environmentally-friendly and ecologically conscious company. The care Green Gorilla provides for the universe cannot be unnoticed since protecting nature is the priority. This, together with its commitment to wellbeing, has created the company’s positive image and gave it worldwide support. Let yourself relax and get rid of a health condition by enjoying Green Gorilla’s Hemp and Olive CBD products!

Written by:

Jamie Taylor

Jamie Tailor is a pharmacist and a huge CBD supporter. During the long-term insomnia, he discovered the curing potential of hemp oil and recovered from annoying condition within one month. Having tried other CBD products for pain relief, Jamie sees no alternatives as effective to this non-traditional medicine as cannabidiol, and therefore advocates for its legalization across all American states.

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