Cannabinoid products have gained enormous popularity since the CBD industry has started to expand in 2015. Today, the number of companies in the industry is growing at rapid rates.

As a resident of Texas, you are probably wondering, ‘is cannabis oil legal in Texas?’. In fact, Texas CBD oil has already been legalized, and many stores have opened in the state. To get an insight into what CBD oil is and get a clear vision of where to shop for it in Texas, we disclose some vital information regarding CBD products in Texas and their status in the state.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Texas?

Since hemp oil is legal in all the 50 states, you can freely access CBD oil, regardless of the state of your residence. It is up to you whether to search for the closest herbal medicine store, a drugstore or to buy online. While buying from a drugstore allows you to look through available products physically and compare them, making a purchase online is much more facile. If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil in Texas, take a glance at the following brands and stores.


American Shaman Full Spectrum CBD oil

If you give preference to buying a CBD oil via a company’s website, you can address American Shaman. Their tinctures are so bioavailable that you can instantly feel the desired effect.

American Shaman CBD Oil

Main features:

  • Full-spectrum THC-free tinctures available
  • Plenty of tempting flavors, as well as a natural flavor
  • Water-soluble tinctures have high bioavailability

Hemplucid MCT Oil

This product is particular for the MCT oil that is used as a base to ensure the long-lasting effect. It delivers the most precious benefits of the whole plant and allows the healing effect to last throughout the entire day.

Hemplucid Whole Plant MCT Oil

Main features:

  • The most long-lasting oil
  • 1500 mg potency
  • Medium-chain triglyceride oil as a base

Foria Awaken Oil

This CBD oil is slightly different from the rest. One can apply it as an intimate massage oil for increased tactile sensation and get rid of tension and discomfort.

Foria CBD Awaken Natural Arousal Oil

Main features:

  • Formulated specifically for intimate massage
  • Organic coconut MCT oil as a base
  • Contains nothing but plant-based aphrodisiacs

cbdMD Natural Oil

This product can also be considered as the top choice both for experienced CBD users and newbies. It contains all organic compounds and provides fundamental health benefits.

cbdMD Premium CBD Oil 300mg

Main features:

  • Multiple flavors available
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Facile dropper

Retailer stores

Most CBD stores offer a wide selection of edible CBD products as well as affordable, quality CBD oils. Most importantly, all products are extensively tested and checked for THC traces. In case you are searching for ‘cannabis oil Texas,’ you can opt for selecting one of the top retailer stores:

  • John’s CBD retailer store
  • Restart CBD retailer store
  • The Cherry apothecary
  • CBD Holistics
  • SA Botanicals

Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

If you’re hesitating and asking yourself ‘is CBD oil legal in Texas?’, the answer is yes. According to the CBD oil Texas law, one can legally buy hemp-based products from now on. To be more precise, a bill legalizing hemp-derived oil from 2019 states that products containing less than 0.3% of psychoactive THC are legal and can be produced and consumed in the state.

Don’t confuse industrial hemp with medical marijuana, since the latter is not recognized as legal according to Texas cannabis laws. Currently, you can stay confident about the fact that the legislation made CBD oil legal in Texas.

How to Choose Best Cannabis Oil in Texas?

While the answer to the question ‘is CBD hemp oil legal in Texas’ is definite yes, finding the company to trust is another point you should bear in mind. Taking into account the full range of producers and retailers who take advantage of CBD legalization, the selection is indeed significant. To choose the top CBD oil in Texas, you will need to follow the basic criteria:

  1. Decide on your budget. Some oils are indeed expensive, especially if you opt for high potency,
  2. Check out product sourcing. Buy the oil only if it is sourced from industrial farms.
  3. Find out which potency you need. Different conditions require different dosages, so try to figure out what you need precisely.
  4. Check the product for traces of THC. The local legislation doesn’t allow CBD products to contain more than 0.3% THC, so beware.
  5. Check the lab report on the product. Opt for those companies that place independent lab tests on the official website.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a tincture that comprises a cannabinoid compound, which is commonly found within a cannabis plant. It does not cause any mind-altering effects due to the absence of hazardous THC-compound, which is well-known for causing ‘high.’ In particular, the cannabinoid can be characterized as a potent substance that contributes to one’s health by maintaining the endocannabinoid system. The latter is responsible for homeostasis and all the critical functions in the human body. Due to the cannabis legality in Texas, you don’t need to hesitate once you decide on buying this product.

CBD Oil Benefits + Side Effects

The benefits of CBD oil are uncountable. Some of the most essential are:

  • keeping the body functions in balance
  • assisting with stress-management
  • making chronic pain fade away

Although there is not enough evidence that demonstrates that CBD has some adverse side effects, it still has some mild ones:

  • Dry mouth. No need to worry, you can instantly resolve this issue by drinking enough water.
  • Decreased blood pressure. This side effect is met only in those people who have low blood pressure. Therefore, one should consult a doctor if this is the case.

CBD Oil Dosage

For any problem and any individual, there is a recommended dosage that can lead to the desired effect. You don’t need to worry about finding out your exact dosage since you will always find dosage instructions on the back of the product you buy.

To make it easier for yourself, bear in mind that you can take 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your weight. For mild effects, such as relaxation and stress management, use the low potency. To remove chronic pain or panic attacks, use the higher strength.  

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