In Wisconsin, state-level regulations prohibit the distribution and stocking of marijuana for commercial purposes. This is why most people still look for the alternative to marijuana that would be allowed by the law, offering positive treatment to every individual. CBD is the substance that does not have any psychoactive effects of THC, yet it’s still a remedy that removes and fixes many annoying health conditions. 

Is CBD legal in Wisconsin? The word of law does not provide a clear answer as of 2019. The lines are blurred regarding CBD possession and consumption in Wisconsin. Today, we’re going to find out where to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin on the legal terms without violating any rules. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

Buying CBD oil in Wisconsin is today much easier after the 2018 Farm Bill was approved. You can choose various CBD oil products across various retail locations and even purchase them online. E-commerce, local drug stores, and pharmacies have access to industrially-produced hemp goods, yet not all of them are officially certified. 


We try to answer the question of how to get CBD oil in Wisconsin. And the answer is – search online, that’s the safest bet to get a well-manufactured CBD oil without getting up from the couch. Meet the top 3 sellers of CBD in Wisconsin from which you can purchase cannabidiol-infused goods legally and make sure about the decent level of quality. 

IgniteCBD Oil Drops

The brand previously offered the goods associated with vaping cannabidiol communities. Later on, they expanded the product line with CBD oil as well. Among the advantages of the brand, we can distinguish:

  • IgniteCBD acknowledges CBD oil as legal in Wisconsin. They have all the flavors available: Lemon, Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Lavender, and Natural Tongue are the names you’re going to see in their Wisconsin online store. 
  • The brand helps vape fans to recharge, refocus, and relax when inhaling CBD orally. At least, that’s what they promise in their marketing campaign. They have all sorts of vaping kits and rechargers to save the day for all vapers. 
  • The store does not sell CBD for people younger than 18 years old. They also state that you should consult a physician before making purchases in their store. This statement complies with the legislation of CBD laws in Wisconsin in 2019
Ignite CBD Drops Unflavored


  • it doesn’t bring a psychoactive effect
  • long-lasting effect (3-6 hours)
  • different flavors
  • you can use it orally or apply to the skin

Charlotte’s Web – Original Formula CBD Oil

Charlotte’s is another web store that you can be sure of in Wisconsin. Feel safe to buy CBD oil Wisconsin from this store because they comply with the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification and even more:

  • Health benefits that you’ll experience directly after intaking CBD oil. Sense of calmness and improved focus, superb management of stress, and rapid recovery from exercise-cause inflammation.
  • Only the US grown hemp which completely follows the requirements set by 2018 Farm Bill that asks to use the hemp of organic origin for industrial manufacturing.
  • Various beneficial compounds like phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are contained in IgniteCBD products according to lab-testing results.
Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Bloody Orange


  • helps to cope with sleeping disorders
  • improves focus
  • quick absorption
  • lab-tested


This web store specializes in various CBD goods, but, especially, we’ve noticed the product called Awaken. This oil includes several advantages that allow Foria to move ahead of the competition:

  • The massage oil that offers the best intimate impressions with the help of full-spectrum CBD oil diluted with synergistic and aromatic compounds.
  • Special recipe for women wanting to enhance tactile sensation and pleasure. A decrease of tension, discomfort, and dryness comes as a bonus.
  • Nice chocolate and mint aromas bring the flavor of romantic spirit for the evening when the oil is applied.
Foria CBD Awaken Natural Arousal Oil


  • gluten-free
  • nice scent
  • free of pesticides, toxins, heavy metals
  • tested for purity and potency

Drug Stores

Is CBD hemp oil legal in Wisconsin drug stores? The law does not imply that directly, but you can purchase it freely in the online drug stores. The range of drug stores where you can purchase the oil ranges from Madison to Appleton. Typically, there are only several stores in the cities of Wisconsin where you can find the CBD available on the shelves. The loud names which distribute CBD are the stores like Tobacco, Resistance Vapor, and Peace Novelty. All of the stores are located in Wisconsin and have physical addresses, so Google them on your map next time. 


The pharmacies in Wisconsin also broadly distribute CBD products. It’s because police have been proceeding with suppressing raids over the stores that sell CBD without a license. However, Wisconsin pharmacies and local physicians usually have the required license to distribute the CBD-containing goods. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wisconsin?

As for 2019, CBD oil is semi-legal in the state of Wisconsin. The state Senate health committee has given votes to approve the amended hemp bill. It happened on August 20, 2019, when the state voted for allowing the drivers to have a certain amount of THC in their blood on the level beyond intoxicating. How THC relates to CBD? Even the purest CBD products may contain a very minor percent of the marijuana psychoactive substance. This is the law that is active in 6 other states today. 

How to Choose Best Cannabis Oil in Wisconsin?

To choose the best Cannabis oil in Wisconsin, you have to follow the legal requirements set by the state. Only accredited drug stores and pharmacies can receive a license to distribute CBD. But online stores are more convenient when it comes to hemp products shopping, for you can place an order fast and easy on any site of the official CBD distributor. 


  • What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the extract of cannabidiol obtained from industrially-grown hemp according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) Industrial Hemp. The set of regulations exists to get CBD oil 100% useful to your health.

  • CBD Oil Benefits and Side Effects

CBD oil has a broad range of health benefits with regard to mental and physical states. It can remove headaches, insomnia, depression, aches, and chronic pain. As for 2019, there are no registered side effects from taking CBD in a moderate dosage. 

  • CBD Oil Dosage

The right dosage is estimated individually because recipients have an unpredicted response to the substance. It’s advised to experiment with the oils of different CBD potency to find the right one – start with the lowest concentration and then take higher doses if there’s no effect. 

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